Bicycle Trip to Switzerland Hans-Jürgen & Klaus-Dieter Weber 16.06.2022 - 09.07.2022



16.06.2022 Remagen
17.06.2022 Guldental
18.06.2022 Sandhausen
19.06.2022 Walldorf
20.06.2022 Kehl
21.06.2022 Lörrach
22.06.2022 Bad Säckingen
23.06.2022 Giswil
24.06.2022 Goms
25.06.2022 Saas-Grund
26.06.2022 Saas-Fee Spielboden
29.06.2022 Hohsaas + Monte Moro Pass
01.07.2022 Weissmieshütte und Saas-Fee
02.07.2022 Burgdorf
03.07.2022 Lörrach 2
04.07.2022 Bad Säckingen 2
05.07.2022 Schuttern
06.07.2022 Sandhausen 2
07.07.2022 Guldental 2
08.07.2022 Remagen 2
09.07.2022 Gelsenkirchen


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26.06.2022, 11. day, 0 / 947 km, Saas-Fee Spielboden

Both of us slept for more than 10 hours. For breakfast we used groceries we had bought yesterday from a super market nearby (today is Sunday). With our Saastal card, we can access not only the PostBuses, but also most of the mountain railways for free. Alwin (our landlord) recommended that we take the cable railway up to Hannig-Alp (2350 m) and to journey around Saas-Fee from there. We are going to try that. But at first, from Hannig-Alp it dips back far down. There, proper footwear will be necessary. My new hiking shoes, that I had already sent in the mail (from home), cause major bruises to form on both of my ankles. I can only continue after loosening the straps almost all the way. This way I can at least go uphill.
Now, the relatively long path goes to a restaurant called Spielboden. The path is often easy, but sometimes steep. Families with little kids come along our path further up. I do not know how they are going to make it.
The area further down is very nice, in comparison to the more desolate higher ground, especially the slopes. Even the glacier tongues are black, not white. However, beautiful flowers bloom everywhere in all sorts of colors. We finally arrive at the restaurant (2448 m). It does not seem very inviting, and the prices also contain a hefty altitude surcharge. Because I cannot continue any further due to the pain my shoes cause me, we take the cable railway to Saas-Fee and take the PostBus to Saas-Grund. Here I can finally put my comfortable sandals on. Of course we have to visit the nearby bakery-café.
Tomorrow, we will relax a little at the sauna in Saas-Fee.
This week I will not write a report every day, but we leave to go back home on Saturday.

View from Hannig-Alp

Beginning of the hiking trail

Luckily there are such bridges

Everywhere nice flowers. Pink ones



This part is still easy

An old larch

More flowers

The trail becomes narrower

Much water comes from the glaciers

The trail becomes difficult

Without this stairs you would have problems without eqipment

One of the numerous thistel blossoms

In summertime the slopes are looking sad

No green, only grey rocks

The glacier has retracted

Arrived at Spielboden

There above it is not cosy

A glacier tongue in summertime

Impressive falls of glacier water