Bicycle Trip to Switzerland Hans-Jürgen & Klaus-Dieter Weber 16.06.2022 - 09.07.2022



16.06.2022 Remagen
17.06.2022 Guldental
18.06.2022 Sandhausen
19.06.2022 Walldorf
20.06.2022 Kehl
21.06.2022 Lörrach
22.06.2022 Bad Säckingen
23.06.2022 Giswil
24.06.2022 Goms
25.06.2022 Saas-Grund
26.06.2022 Saas-Fee Spielboden
29.06.2022 Hohsaas + Monte Moro Pass
01.07.2022 Weissmieshütte und Saas-Fee
02.07.2022 Burgdorf
03.07.2022 Lörrach 2
04.07.2022 Bad Säckingen 2
05.07.2022 Schuttern
06.07.2022 Sandhausen 2
07.07.2022 Guldental 2
08.07.2022 Remagen 2
09.07.2022 Gelsenkirchen


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21.06.2022, 6. day, 136 / 649 km, Lörrach

At the campsite we were recommended to visit a bakery in downtown Kehl for breakfast, and it turns out to be really good. The workers there are incredibly friendly. After breakfast we take a small bridge over the Rhine River directly to France, and get closer to the Rhone-Rhine Canal. It has numerous locks, and is relatively small and very idyllic. Sometimes to the left and sometimes to the right of the canal the bike trail that we ride on for 60km is mostly in good shape. Every once in a while the path goes through small towns, but we never find any ice cream shops. Many of the fields we pass were being irrigated by sprinklers, so we often have to ride on the street to avoid getting wet. The day is mostly sunny, and we were happy to have a tailwind. At Neuenburg we cross into Germany again. While enjoying some ice cream we decide to continue to the campground in Lörrach instead of stopping at the one in Bad Bellingen. The Lörrach campground is about 30km further, and we make it at 7pm (right before the reception closes).
We set up our tents quickly and go to the restaurant at the campground. We find a table inside with a power outlet and charge our devices. That turns out to be a good decision in more than one respect, because a thunderstorm starts as soon as we sit down. We will soon find out if our tents are actually waterproof.
It is supposed to rain the whole day tomorrow, but we only have to ride 30km to Bad Säckingen, where we have booked a hotel room. Tomorrow I will tell you why.

Breakfast in Kehl

Over this bridge we go to France

And soon we are at the Rhone-Rhine-Channel

Swans with cygnets

Rasor of the banks

Many fields need water

Cute fellow at the pedestrian crossing

The river Rhein again

Also in Germany again

We are already in the Black Forest