Bicycle Trip to Switzerland Hans-Jürgen & Klaus-Dieter Weber 16.06.2022 - 09.07.2022



16.06.2022 Remagen
17.06.2022 Guldental
18.06.2022 Sandhausen
19.06.2022 Walldorf
20.06.2022 Kehl
21.06.2022 Lörrach
22.06.2022 Bad Säckingen
23.06.2022 Giswil
24.06.2022 Goms
25.06.2022 Saas-Grund
26.06.2022 Saas-Fee Spielboden
29.06.2022 Hohsaas + Monte Moro Pass
01.07.2022 Weissmieshütte und Saas-Fee
02.07.2022 Burgdorf
03.07.2022 Lörrach 2
04.07.2022 Bad Säckingen 2
05.07.2022 Schuttern
06.07.2022 Sandhausen 2
07.07.2022 Guldental 2
08.07.2022 Remagen 2
09.07.2022 Gelsenkirchen


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29.06.2022, 12. day, 0 / 947 km, Hohsaas + Monte Moro Pass

Monday was our sauna day, but on Tuesday it rained the whole day. The rain died down a bit at around noon, and we decided to take the cable car (The valley station is 300m away from where we are staying) first to the Kreuzboden and then further to Hohsaas (3142m). As expected, it was desolate further up, and they were working on the slopes. We took a few pictures of the areas that we skied in during the winter. It started to storm, and we made our way back to the cable car. It stopped every minute in the heavy rain, and it took forever to get back down. It was explained to us that the frequent stops were due to the thunderstorm.
Today, Wednesday, the sun is shining in the blue sky. We take the PostBus to the Mattmark dam (2240m) and we hike from the west riverbank to the end of the lake. We admire the beautiful variety of flowers on the way. There are little waterfalls in many of the areas we pass, some of which come from the glaciers, making a considerable amount of noise as the water flows into the lake.
Our goal is to make it to the Monte Moro Pass (2868m), which borders Italy. The seemingly easy path becomes more and more difficult, and we have to stop at many points along the way to search for the path markers because it is often unclear which way the path goes.
Now one must be relatively free from vertigo to be able to go further. In some very dangerous areas there is a chain fastened to the rock that you can hold on to with one hand. The path also goes over (albeit harmless) snowy fields.
Whenever you think that you've finally reached the last turn before reaching the pass, the path just continues to go further and higher.
We finally arrive at the summit. A cold wind blows. We would love to have a cappuccino, but both of the Italian restaurants are closed, as well as the Italian cable car that travels to Macugnaga. We only take a few pictures and start heading back. It is not nearly as dangerous and stressful this time as it was on the way here. My jogging shoes that I am wearing because my mountain shoes are unwearable have a mind of their own. The soles have started to peel off in the front. I will try to glue them back on.
The many vacationers that have come just to see the lake cause the PostBus that brings us back to be completely full. Upon arriving in Saas-Grund, we reward ourselves for our difficult journey by paying a visit to the well known bakery café.

We go to Hohsaas (3142 m) via Kreuzboden by the cabin car

The Trift glacier

The Hohsaas slope in summertime

We go to the Mattmark dam by the post bus

The Mattmark barrier lake

The path along the barrier lake leads through several tunnels

The dam view from the lake

Many influxes into the lake

And again many flowers

Still at the lake

Who put the rocks in this way?

The Monte Moro Pass is our destination

Strange flower

The path upward

We have to cross snow areas

The path becomes more difficult

A look to Italy

Arrived at Monte Moro Pass (2868 m)

The post bus is coming to take us home from the dam