Bicycle Trip to Switzerland Hans-Jürgen & Klaus-Dieter Weber 16.06.2022 - 09.07.2022



16.06.2022 Remagen
17.06.2022 Guldental
18.06.2022 Sandhausen
19.06.2022 Walldorf
20.06.2022 Kehl
21.06.2022 Lörrach
22.06.2022 Bad Säckingen
23.06.2022 Giswil
24.06.2022 Goms
25.06.2022 Saas-Grund
26.06.2022 Saas-Fee Spielboden
29.06.2022 Hohsaas + Monte Moro Pass
01.07.2022 Weissmieshütte und Saas-Fee
02.07.2022 Burgdorf
03.07.2022 Lörrach 2
04.07.2022 Bad Säckingen 2
05.07.2022 Schuttern
06.07.2022 Sandhausen 2
07.07.2022 Guldental 2
08.07.2022 Remagen 2
09.07.2022 Gelsenkirchen


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03.07.2022, 15. day, 87 / 1145 km, Lörrach 2

Today we only want to ride to Lörrach, which has the campground that is closest to Bad Säckingen. In reality Hüsingen is even closer, but the campground there is completely booked.
We only booked the hotel in Bad Säckingen for July 4th, so we have to go to a campground for now. We do not want to do that in Switzerland with the pretty exorbitant prices.
We have to disassemble the tents that are wet with dew and begin our ride without breakfast. It is cool at first, but soon the sun warms us. We find a bakery in Herzogenbuchsee after about 20km. They also offer warm drinks, so we have breakfast there.
For now we go downhill to the Aare River. In the distance we can already see the Jura Mountains.
The weather is ideal, about 24°C (75°F). Biking is a lot of fun like that.
After the Aare River we have to go uphill again, but this is nothing in comparison to the Grimsel Pass. However, we are annoyed by the many motorcycle groups that often pass us in large numbers with a thundering roar. Finally we reach the highest place, and from here we go downhill until the Rhine River. We can already see the south end of the Black Forest from a distance.
At Wyhlen we cross the Rhine River at the hydroelectric power station and enter Germany. Now only a short ride through Basel, and we are in Lörrach.
We already know our way around this campground. We quickly set up the tents; the sun dries them in a short time.
Our program for tonight only contains a restaurant visit, and tomorrow we want to ride the remaining 30km to Bad Säckingen.

The Castle of Burgdorf (= Castle village)

At the campground of Burgdorf

Idyllic bike path

Not only tarmac

Breakfast in Herzogenbuchsee

Beautiful houses by the way

At the river Aare again

The Jura mountains begin

Castle ruin Neu-Falkenstein

Arrived at the pass

The eyes cannot be satisfied

It goes downhill

Cool shadow passages

At Liestal

At the Rhein river again (Ergolz-Rhine mouth)

Back in Germany