Bicycle Trip to Switzerland Hans-Jürgen & Klaus-Dieter Weber 16.06.2022 - 09.07.2022



16.06.2022 Remagen
17.06.2022 Guldental
18.06.2022 Sandhausen
19.06.2022 Walldorf
20.06.2022 Kehl
21.06.2022 Lörrach
22.06.2022 Bad Säckingen
23.06.2022 Giswil
24.06.2022 Goms
25.06.2022 Saas-Grund
26.06.2022 Saas-Fee Spielboden
29.06.2022 Hohsaas + Monte Moro Pass
01.07.2022 Weissmieshütte und Saas-Fee
02.07.2022 Burgdorf
03.07.2022 Lörrach 2
04.07.2022 Bad Säckingen 2
05.07.2022 Schuttern
06.07.2022 Sandhausen 2
07.07.2022 Guldental 2
08.07.2022 Remagen 2
09.07.2022 Gelsenkirchen


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18.06.2022, 3. day, 115 / 387 km, Sandhausen

The sunshine wakes us up. Yesterday children were noisily playing and yelling on the playground close to our tents until 11:30pm. The mothers who stood by were talking at the same volume. After that we got to listen to a loud frog concert. It was good that we were tired and able to fall asleep despite all the noise.
We are quickly disassembling and packing the tents and everything else. Our navigation app is suggesting we pass through the vineyard behind the campground, which we are doing. In places it is very steep (20%) and consists of loose gravel so that it is almost impossible to ride on it. But after 1km we arrive at the summit bathed in sweat and come to a locked gate. But we find a small hole in the fence that a person can crawl through. We are able to pass the baggage and bicycles over the fence (I already know this routine from my Sicily trip, but it is a lot better with two people), and then we continue up and down through the vineyards.
After 30km we are able to have breakfast in Alzey and to buy a new camera in the Media-Markt electronics store in that town.
On to Worms. Shortly after Worms we finally get to the Rhine river again, and we follow it all the way to Ludwigshafen. Then we cross the Rhine Bridge into Mannheim, which does not seem to end. We have to wait for a lot of traffic lights. The bike path is often so complicated to follow (especially around railroad crossings) that we would not have been able to find it without our navigation app. But the terrain is flat, no big rises anymore. Finally we get to Sandhausen (via Schwetzingen), where Konrad and Brunhilde are already expecting us.
Tomorrow we are planning a wellness day at a thermal bath in Walldorf (5km from here). The day after tomorrow (on Monday) we will continue further south.

Departure in the morning sun

After 1km strong climbing the gate is closed

Sometimes very good roads in the wineyards

Typical wineyard

At the top

Breakfast in Alzey after 30 km

Here in Alzey I can buy a new camera

Very nice bycicle roads

In Worms

Finally at the river Rhein again

Bridge from Ludwigshafen nach Mannheim

Near Mannheim central station

On the ldeft side the Odenwald, right side nothern part of Schwarzwald, divided by the river Neckar